Isa Casillas-Pereyra

The little artist in me has always encouraged me to romanticize every aspect of life. I always have a magical playlist on, always reading a book about dragons and fairies, and almost always trying to convince my husband to run away to a little cottage hidden in the forest.

Photo and film are my version of art. I don't just see a subject to take photos of and deliver a gallery. I see a human that will never look or be the same again & I want to capture them as they are ♥️

"stop playing it cool. just be passionate and intense and insane and whoever sticks around is meant for you"

Some silly things from Isa's 2024 mood board;

Special Projects Team

Kassie Jurado

Kassie Jurado

Kassie is a full time media teacher and does videography for Poppy Hill's creative shoots. You'll see her during the holiday seasons and when we're designing some magical fairy inspired photoshoots!