Where The Crawdads Sing inspired photoshoot

Kassie and I are big Taylor Swift fans so when 'Carolina' was released we knew we wanted to do something that felt like the haunted, southern farm style. Since we're in New Mexico, we really had to get creative. After a drive around Dona Ana County we found a dirt road with sunflowers, overgrown grass, and an irrigation ditch full of water (it's about the only water we have available lol).

Behind The Scenes

To be honest, we haven't read the book or watched the movie lol. So it's more about Taylor Swift than anything else. Her music inspires a lot of our work with weddings and couples so we wanted to try something that was focused on a girl and self-love. Our model, Rachel, was a perfect choice and it was her first time doing a photoshoot by herself. We have been trying to ask local friends to do creative shoots with us to inspire the community and challenge ourselves to do more shoots that aren't a stereotypical family, senior, etc.

'Carolina knows why for years I roam free as these birds, light as whispers'

Our vision for this shoot was surrounded around the sunflowers we found on the side of a dirt road. we loved the colors and it was the most beautiful sunset. Our Julys and Augusts are rainy season and super humid so we were being eaten alive by bugs and sweating up a storm but still worth it!