Planning your proposal with a photographer

Hey guys! Thanks so much for stopping by our blog. Today we're talking about planning your proposal and why you need a photographer. There's a lot of good tips and tricks to getting the perfect proposal to surprise your partner with. Let's get started!


So you're ready to propose- YAY!

Take some time to think about what's important to you and your partner. Think about a date that meant a lot to you guys, are you guys nature people, is there a spot that gives you all the feels towards your partner, or do you want something epic? Do you want family there or do you want it completely private? Once you have an idea of what you want- you need to hire a photographer and/or a videographer ASAP!


Work with your photographer/videographer to plan where you will be dropping on one knee and where they should be hiding. If you're anything like this couple's White Sands proposal- make sure your photographer knows what your car looks like so they can follow you OR go with them the day before to plan better.

Ask the friends and family you want to be there to hide in a specific spot or have them waiting at home/a restraunt to celebrate!

Creating a moment

Both Kassie and I are married so we have a few tips we recommend from firsthand knowledge-

  1. Practice what you're going to say: you will absolutely be nervous. Make sure you have a few words prepped so you're not stumbling over your words or just yelling "will you marry me"!
  2. Have a buddy hold the ring box or find a box that's thin to hide in your pocket: there's a good chance he/she will catch on if there's a big ol' box hanging out of your pants pocket lol.
  3. Have friends/family waiting to celebrate: unless you are really private people you should have your closest people nearby so they can gush over the ring and you guys!
  4. Do not skimp on a photographer/videographer: this is a very big moment. You'll hang the photos on your walls and people will ask to see them for years to come. Do right and capture this celebration!