White Sands, New Mexico

Elisa and Michael are old friends of mine that I met in middle school/high school. The couple has been together for almost nine years and are getting married this August. I am sooo honored to be photographing their wedding day.

Elisa reached out to me within 24 hours of us announcing Poppy Hill Photo and Film. I definitely had some tears of happiness. They are my first official Poppy Hill wedding and I am pumped for the big day!

They wanted their engagement photos somewhere green but it being March, everything is still dead. Good and faithful White Sands blew our minds with a gorgeous sunset and perfect weather. I am so in love with these photos. Let's take a look at all my favs.

Desert Engagement Session

We started right at the entry of White Sands. There is a mix of desert and sand that make a perfect backdrop for direct sunset light. So golden and dreamy, the couple got comfortable in front of the camera and we started with some poses that involved lots of movement and talking to each other. I asked them to dance, hug, and just look at each other and laugh.

Flat White Salts

Before we made the journey up the dunes, I wanted to get some photos of Elisa and Michael in the flat lands that made the photos look like they were on another planet. I love the detail shot of Elisa's ring. That gorgeous diamond looked so shiny and perfect in the white and light blue background.

Playing in the Sand

I told Michael to bear hug Elisa and I love how happy they look. Elisa's dress was a bright red and pink that looked so good as a pop of color.

The next few photos are some of my more creative ones and I am OBSESSED.

The first one is right at sunset. Ugh the colors are toooo good.

The last few are photos I took using the headlights from Michael's car. I am obsessed with the sexy, dark vibes. I am still learning how to get rid of the noise from the dark colors, but I am very happy with how these headlights made their silhouettes look.