Hi Friends

Today’s blog is all about Mariah and Daniel’s wedding. Such a precious day back in November and I’m so honored that I got to photograph this wedding! Special note: This was my first wedding that I shot all by myself! I've second shot for two other weddings, but Mariah and Daniel will always be my first wedding- cue happy & grateful tears :')

Mariah and Daniel got married on a Friday evening in Allen, Texas. This sweet, suburban city outside of Dallas was the perfect setting for Mariah and Daniel’s intimate, family-only wedding. With a guest list of less than twenty, the day felt so personal to the bride and groom’s loved ones.

The wedding ceremony and reception were held in the groom’s parents’ backyard which is a stunning grass field with nothing but forest trees lining the fence. A simple arch with the wedding colors framed the sunset as the ceremony began.

Mariah and the ladies in her family spent the morning slowly getting ready at a hotel near the home. Sweet moments like Mariah’s sister-in-law getting the beautiful bride ready, Mariah’s mom tearing up over Mariah putting on her dress, and Mariah’s step dad and her having a father-daughter reveal of the dress. These are the moments we remember years from now as families grow, newlyweds become old couples, and we look back in photo albums to relive our best days.

Mariah is a spunky gal with lots of laughs and lots of love. She makes the party. Daniel might be a little more quiet, but man, he can keep up with that spunk. These two compliment each other so well. Their wedding day was pure bliss with lots of kisses, hugs, booty grabs by Mariah, and great dance moves. A truly fitting day for these two partners in crime.

The couple chose to do their vows in private and to not see each other until Mariah walked down the aisle. Their vows represented a sweet and simple promise to make each other laugh and to be each other’s friends. A sweet prayer led by Daniel asked God to keep their marriage fresh and for the two to grow together. As soon as that prayer was said, the two were ready to “do the damn thing” - gosh, these two are such a fun and loving couple.

The ceremony was short and sweet just the way the couple wanted it and after some family pictures, the family sat down for a meal together. As the sun finally set, family started to share words of affirmation and well-wishes to the smitten couple. Such a small gathering allowed everyone to feel connected and the laughs were shared among everyone. 

So began a night full of dancing- really great dancing! Everyone was on the dance floor. Everyone was having drinks, making jokes, and having a truly good time. By far my favorite dancer was the bride’s mama who had so much energy! Something I loved about this reception was that the couple had a wedding piñata that everyone took turns hitting. Even more fun was the shots all the guests took that led to a huge dance train!

Congratulations to Mariah and Daniel! Your day was so special and a perfect example for how fun and glamorous a Covid wedding can be!