Hello and welcome to my first blog!

This blog is dedicated to all things photography and wedding tips!

Why am I starting this blog? Well there’s a few reasons why and I’ll try to keep it short and sweet:

  1. As a bride myself, I could have used more resources as far as realistic tips and tricks throughout the entire wedding experience. All the information out there is so great and useful, but most of those weddings had a budget over $10,000 (big yikes).
  2. I learned a lot throughout my bride season and I truly want to share what I found helpful to all my brides out there. Being a bride is SO fun and SO stressful. I am here for YOU!
  3. While a good chunk of the posts will be about weddings, I am also using this blog to help those who are just starting out with learning the basics of their camera along with session tips and some insights into my sessions with my beautiful couples and individuals!
  4. This blog is also a personal record of how much I grow throughout the years. I can’t wait to look back five years from now and see how things have changed, styles have evolved, and the experiences I had with my clients

Ok so that’s a little bit about my why, so let’s get started with my first topic!

Eco-Wedding Tips: How to Thrift Your Wedding

If you know anything about me you know I love talking sustainability. Being an eco-friendly gal is a huge part of my life and my wedding was not going to stray from that! I love decorating whether it’s for my home or parties, so my wedding was the ultimate decorating task.

I wanted my wedding to be elegant and moody, romantic and timeless, cozy and warm. I think I did just that! And it wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of my family and I spending most weekends sifting through thrift stores looking for gold.

My husband and I got married in January 2020 (we literally missed the pandemic by a few short weeks, wow). The ceremony was outside with a view of the mountains and the reception was inside a huge venue. To be honest, this venue was not my choice, but in a small city it was our only option that could comfortably fit our 180+ wedding. We made the best of our venue and I'm so happy with how everything turned out! We decided on moody colors that included gold/copper, white, emerald green, black, and a hint of berry. The perfect palette for a cozy January day and a rustic but regal hall.

With the color gold and a love for timeless decor, my heart was set on having an endless stream of gold and copper candlestick holders with greenery. I wanted the dreamy candlelit dinner with our loved ones lining rows of tables enjoying drinks and yummy food.

For six months my family and I hunted for candlesticks and other little thrifty decor pieces. We took any we could find. Some needed painting while others were perfect and ready to go. Not only did I get the decor of my dreams, but I paid very little for it and I got to make memories with my loved ones. My favorite thrift piece would have to be the little gold horn I found at Savers which reminded my husband and I of our favorite show (HIMYM blue French horn!)

Your entire wedding experience is so precious. The process should grow you closer to your family, your fiance, and your soon to be in-laws. It’s so amazing that finding a budget-friendly and eco-friendly decor style can also inspire closer relationships with your loved ones.

If you’re thinking of doing a similar concept with candlesticks I have five tips for you and if you don’t necessarily want the same exact idea but you’re interested in thrifting your wedding decor keep reading!

Tips for candlestick holders and other decor pieces:

#1. Start early

  • It takes time to find enough pieces that you love so start several months before your wedding. It also helps keep the upfront costs smaller so instead of dropping hundreds of dollars at once, you instead spend maybe $20 each thrift trip

#2. Make shopping fun

  • Take someone with you! Take your mom, your grandma, your aunt, your sister, your bridesmaids, your fiance, whoever! Make the experience something you’ll remember and cherish. Time is so precious and wedding seasons fly by so fast. It can be overwhelming being a bride but you don’t have to do it alone. Have fun!

#3. Have a vision

  • If you’re not a thrifty gal you might struggle with seeing the vision when the candlesticks look dirty and old. I promise you they just need some TLC. Give them a wash and maybe a little paint

#4. Keep track of what you have

  • As a covid bride you might only need a few tables worth as you only have a small guest list. If you’re not looking for a ton of decor make sure you have an idea of how much “stuff” you need

#5. Buy items you can use in your home

  • This is so important and something I am SO glad we did. I still have every piece from our wedding. It’s been a year living in our rented home and haven’t done much with our wedding decor, but now that we will be home owners I have so many plans! I’ll show you some ideas of how I’m going to reuse everything

I hope you find some inspiration! Wedding planning doesn’t have to be boring and overused centerpieces you found at Hobby Lobby. No offense to anyone who did that because Hobby Lobby is bomb, but girl you can make your wedding look so iconic without giving your money to big chain stores. Let’s be real, most brides end up dumping their stuff off at the thrift stores or in the trash so why not be a little more eco-conscious and take advantage of hidden gems someone else donated. 

It’s becoming more and more popular to shop secondhand and sell your stuff so what’s even better about thrifting incredible pieces is that if you end up wanting to get rid of your decor you can sell all the goods to someone else! Have your dream wedding and get some money back? Um yes, please!

Thank you so much for chatting with me! I hope this inspires you to not only shop secondhand for your wedding but all the other parts of wedding planning and even other parties. The possibilities are endless!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this blog. Email or DM on Instagram for any thoughts or questions. Maybe you need some help or you thrifted your own wedding- I would love to talk to you and see your inspo!

Stay tuned for more wedding and photography tips and tricks!



Enjoy some phone shots of our wedding process