Senior Session In Mesilla, New Mexico

These photos were taken in Summer 2021 as Naomi graduated with her MBA from New Mexico State University. Naomi is one of my very best friends and has been since the 6th grade. It was so fun to meet up with her and adventure through Mesilla, NM. Mesilla is a small village by Las Cruces, NM. The pecan orchards and historic plaza bring the sweetest character to this village. We started in a little orchard right off the side of the road where sunflowers popped up in between the trees. Despite the mosquitoes and gnats, we got the sweetest shots of Naomi. She wanted her photos to represent her accomplishment but also show her free spirit and love for her home state.

As most people say when they are getting their photos taken, Naomi let me know that she was not very comfortable in front of the camera. She asked for direction and of course I was ready to help her out. Before every session I prepare by going through my Pinterest boards and reviewing poses that I loved and felt like would fit my client. I prefer photos with movement so I ask my clients to sway around, walk, and move into three different movements while I shoot away. I also make sure to talk them up and make them laugh by showing silly poses I want them to try. Do anything to get them smiling!

Once we were filled with bug bites and muddy shoes from the irrigation for the pecan trees, we drove down the road to the main square in Mesilla. The streets are very small but the character of each building/home makes a perfect background for photos. We walked to two different locations for these photos and I love that within one block we were able to get such a variety of portraits for Naomi.

One note for shooting in-town is that some of the clients will get stiff because of the other people around. Try to find areas where no one is watching. And when someone comes by just take a break and say a small hello and let the client take a second to rest and feel less awkward.

Senior Portraits Are More than Cap & Gown Photos

I am a huge advocate to get your photos taken professionally for all major events in someone's life. Senior photos whether it's high school or college, are so important. Make sure to book your photos in advance!