Meeting the bride and groom at Hotel Indigo in El Paso, Texas

Thanks for popping by and checking out this blog post dedicated to the sweetest and most iconic Old Hollywood inspired micro wedding. This bride had a vision of a glamorous and elegant look for their wedding day. It was winter so the bride chose a white coat to go over her gorgeous lace mermaid style gown. Her husband wore a fedora and glen check patterned suit. Together, they were a vintage vision.

I met them at Hotel Indigio in El Paso, TX where they got ready and stayed for their mini honeymoon. This hotel is so gorgeous and feels so modern in downtown EP. We started outside near the pool and outdoor bar. The buildings provided the perfect background for this couple's aesthetic. Their wedding was pressed for time so we shot at about 4pm when the sun was a little harsh. We made it work and got the perfect dreamy film vibe.

Hotel Indigo: Perfect entrance area for artistic portraits

The designer of this building had such a passion for creative art and we used that to our advantage. Because we were downtown, my usual landscapes and greenery were no where to be found. I decided to get creative and use this colorful and textured mural to add to the vintage aesthetic. The bride and groom have never gotten their photos done and I could tell they were nervous so I used simple posing ques to direct them. I asked them to dance, kiss each other's cheeks, and talk to each other.

Using poses to tell a story

My favorites of this entire bride and groom portrait session were the photos of them sitting down and just talking to each other. I feel like it was so intimate and simple which fit their vibe. The groom is very sweet to his bride and played with her hands and told me the story of how they met.

I asked them to do a formal pose where one was sitting and one was standing. I liked the concept behind this because it reminded me of old timey portraits. The fedora and the brides coat looked so nostalgic.

Flash photography for the effortless red carpet look

The bride had a vision of an old red carpet look at their reception restaurant. I don't get to experiment much with flash so this was exciting and nerve wracking. She said that she loved a blurry flash look and I definitely had fun with the freedom to create something that looks like it came out of a Old Hollywood magazine.

I messed around with the colors in editing and loved the black and white blurry ones the most. They look so young and so in the moment. Photos were taken at Mesa Grill in El Paso, Texas.

I really enjoyed the freedom to be creative with this micro wedding. I love when a couple has a vision but also lets the photographer run free with that vision. I feel like I took the concept of Old Hollywood and truly got to experience the romance.

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